Pairing Dark Chocolate and Black Tea

Fall is quickly approaching us, and the weather is calling for a change. With the change comes gloomy weather and a need for an afternoon pick me up. This is why this month we are pairing delicious dark chocolate and a black tea.

Fine artisanal crafted chocolate should be experienced with other fine foods. No matter what the pairing is, it brings a whole new appreciation for the two foods with new tastes, textures, flavors, and notes you didn't experience eating them separately, oh ya it's also delicious and fun to do so. 

This is why every month we make a suggested pairing with the delicious chocolates you receive in your monthly Kekao subscription. This months pairing is Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate 65% and English Breakfast Tea from Twinings of London.


Rococo Chocolates is a British chocolate maker with over thirty-five years of expertise. Rococo Chocolates brings taste and experience to chocolate lovers. They believe in setting new chocolate trends and continuing to innovate the chocolate industry.

They use the finest ingredients and attention to detail into every single one of their chocolates resulting in an exquisite taste.

Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate 65% (Mini)

In this bar, the 65% organic dark chocolate blend is combined with steam distilled rare organic rose essential oil. Every bite of this chocolate bar will leave you thinking of the most beautiful flower garden.

Tasting notes: Rose Oil, Flower, Cacao

Rococo Chocolate


Twinnings of London has a long history of sourcing quality tea, dating back to 1706. Tea is what they do best. Their host of Master Blenders and flavor experts challenge the status quo of tea.

The company is known for creating vibrant and aromatic blends from Earl Grey and English Breakfast to Chai Lattes and super fruity infusions.

Attention to detail matters the most to Twinnings and it's noticed with every sip.


The English Breakfast is sourced from premium quality high-grown Sri Lankan leaves. This tea is an important first cup in the morning or a pick me up during the afternoon. It has a lot of body with a light finish. 

Dark Chocolate and Tea


Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate 65% (Mini) can be purchased directly from our online store, we offer free shipping on orders $30 and over! ($5 Flat for CAD).

Here is a list of where to buy English Breakfast by Twinnings.

Black Tea with Dark Chocolate

While pairing the English Breakfast Black Tea with Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate, we took an afternoon break. The weather was a bit gloomy and we badly needed an afternoon pick me up.

After brewing a cup of English Breakfast, we opened up a bar of Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate.

We first took a sip of the tea and then a small bite of chocolate, allowing it to melt in our mouth before chewing. This allowed us to enjoy the full flavors of both, resulting in a delicious afternoon snack.

During this pairing, the flower notes were really brought out in the Rococo Rose Organic Dark Chocolate. This pairing definitely left us feeling spring esque. It also gave us a nice boost to get us through the day.

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